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Volkswagen Castrol Cup – new series of races

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Volkswagen Racing Poland together with Volkswagen Group Poland organise from 2013 a new series of races „VW Castrol Cup”.

The aim of the project is to promote the brand and products of Volkswagen through motorsport and support for young drivers to develop their career.

On 15 December there was a deadline for application to Volkswagen Castrol Cup 2013. The organizers informs that all 24 competitors have already paid the entry fees. There will be 13 Poles (two women) in 2013 series. They will by supported by 11 drivers from abroad. Two of them come from North America.


Location and type of races

The project is planned for minimum 3 seasons. The races will be held on racetracks in Austria,  Czech Republic, Hungary,  Poland and Slovakia.

In every year there will be 14 races during seven so-called racing weekends. Every weekend will have the same schedule: the first day will contain  two free trainings (2×30 min) and qualifying session (1×30 min). On the second day there will be  two 30 minute’s  main races with a  brake. 8 best drivers of the first race will start in the second race in reverse order.

The Organizer also provides two-day training sessions before and during the season.


The Cup will have a professional media coverage:

  • Coverage in television,
  • Radio patronage,
  • website,
  • Cup’s media center,
  • press conferences,
  • the presence of well-known journalists on all races to ensure the coverage in the automotive and lifestyle press as well as web portals,
  •  in dealers of VW so-called „Racing Corner” with gadgets and information about the Cup,
  • posters and advertising materials,
  • the presence and participation in all races 2 so-called „VIP Drivers” from the world of show business , sport and politics
  • facebook-FanPage,
  • and many other items ….


The organizer has prepared 26 cars at competitors’ disposal.

These cars are owned by the Organizer and will be delivered to all races and training sessions for drivers with full service. In practice, the role of the driver comes down to the license, helmet and physical preparation and maximum concentration to sporting competition on the race track.

Specification of the  VW Golf – Racing Edition

All cars will have the same technical specifications:

  • engine – 2.0 TSI 315 HP (265 HP+ 50 HP with Push-to-Pass system),
  • DSG gearbox with shifters to change gears on the steering wheel,
  • Limited Slip Differential from the Drexler company,
  • front-wheel drive,
  • front brakes – AP Racing 6-pistons , the disc diameter 362 mm,
  • wheel rims – ATS 8.5 x 18,
  • tyres 240 / 640 x 18 slick and wet type,
  • roll cage of Cr-Mo- Wiechers Motorsport,
  • the homologation FIA and DSMB,
  • a new generation telemetry with GPS from the AIM company,
  • sports suspension on uni-balls.

The costs

Annual price of the driver’s participation in the „VW Castrol Cup” in 2013 is 39 000 € net.
Below there are the most  important components which the above price contains:

  • making car available and its transport  to all races and two official test days before and   during the  season,
  • full service during trainings and races throughout the season,
  • fuel for trainings and racings,
  • tyres (slick and wet) in a total quantity of 52 pieces per season,
  • all charges on a track, so- called registration fee,
  • approved overall  and a cloth’s package  with the logo of the Cup,
  • advertising space on the car and the overall,
  • 3 Vip tickets entitling to  access on the race tracks  and to „VW Village”,
  • catering on  every racing weekend (days of  training and racing),
  • briefings and seminars, among others driving techniques, the use of telemetry systems, security, etc.
  • marketing and media package.

The prizes

We are also pleased to inform you about prizes for drivers, following:

At the end of the season for three best drivers in general classification:
- for 1st place – VW Golf 7-generation + 30 000 € *
- for 2nd place – 20 000 € *
- for 3rd place – 10 000 € *

Additionally for each race weekend 8 000 € – this amount will be divided between the first 8 drivers.

* cash prizes  from general classification are intended to further development of the driver’s sports career and will be paid to take part in motorsport in the next season. All details will be included in sport’s regulation.


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25-27 kwietnia – Hungaroring (Węgry)

23-25 maja – Lausitzring (Niemcy)

13-15 czerwca – Tor Poznań (Polska)

8-10 sierpnia – Autodrom Most (Czechy)

22-24 sierpnia – Slovakia Ring (Słowacja)

12-14 września – Brno (Czechy)

26-28 września – Tor Poznań (Polska)

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